Our Story

Olympic Nutrition meets Art and Premium Products

Propelled by a strong desire to make the Olympic team, Michael Stember sought out the best performance food available to him and his teammates at Stanford University. Frustrated with fallacies of mainstream nutrition products and fads - Michael sought a more pure solution. His goal was to blend the world of high performance with culinary experiences. With much determination, he circumvented the restaurant industry and established direct relationships with premium sushi suppliers.  These upstream channels were the foundation of a lifestyle based on extremely simple preparation using super high quality ingredients.

After competing in the Sydney Olympic games and completing a degree in Art, Michael began to grow and share his culinary lifestyle. He leveraged his global experience and created an 'underground sushi society'. Sushi Belly Tower was established in June 2012, in a secret location in Downtown Los Angeles, breaking many traditional rules and always guaranteeing the best quality fish. #sushibellytower

Word spread quickly of these beautiful performance food experiences. And demand pushed Sushi Belly popups to 10 U.S. cities over three years. Clients yearned for increased access to these experiences and top ingredients in the comfort of their own homes and private events. Upstream Foods was born as vehicle to take the underground secret sushi society above ground. @upstreamfoods

Michael has served and converted 10,000+ sushi lovers to this food revolution across the globe.

"Michael's food is next level. If I could eat it everyday, I would." Stuart Goldfarb - co-founder of Melo7 Tech Partners of Carmelo Anthony